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⚠️ Events Just Got Real! ⚠️

Today we are very excited to announce RealEvents! 🥳

A big part of BeReal is sharing those amazing day-to-day moments that we miss when we’re spending our time scrolling social media and looking at other people’s content. We want to celebrate the real-life human experiences that keep us connected and so the team has spent a lot of time asking how we can bring more to real-world experiences? How can BeReal connect you with people who are also participating in moments that are meaningful and exciting? 👫

Launching at Coachella 🎡, RealEvents is an opportunity for you to share in a moment (or six) at events with your friends and with people around the world who love the same artists and events as you. All of you. Together. Sharing a moment and memory in time. 👯


So how does it work? When you join an event, you’ll be able to post up to six BeReal specifically to that event feed. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the event in person, you can join and post from anywhere. Then, all of the posts from the RealEvent will live together in a custom timeline that all attendees (in person or from afar) will see and can post to. Of course, it wouldn’t be BeReal if there wasn’t a ⚠️Time to BeReal ⚠️ notification, and each event will have its very own along with a shareable video recap 📽️ featuring some of the best content from the event. 

BeReal is and has always been about sharing moments and making memories. RealEvents builds on that principle to capture even more of the unique real-life moments you love to share, while also bringing more unfiltered behind-the-scenes, from-the-stage, and before and after-the-show content that you’ll only find on BeReal.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be launching this at Coachella. There are so many amazing artists participating, and we’re looking forward to sharing this experience with all of them and all of you! We’re going to have lots of featured events coming through the spring 🌷 and summer ⛱️ of 2024 and … maybe we’ll even let you create your own 😏

As always, if you have any questions or concerns or want to apply for an official account, we’re here to listen. To apply for an official account or the RealEvents feature, head to the app and find the Official Account Application in the Help section. 

Send all of your feedback or questions here: 

    • Go to your profile.
    • Tap the three-dot menu in the top right. 
    • Tap “Help” and then “Contact us”.

Keep it Real,

BeReal Team