HMU: RealChat is here!

To our many incredible users who’ve been asking for a way to chat with your friends on BeReal…⚠️ we’re on it ⚠️. 

Today we are excited to announce RealChat 📣. Now, our users have a space to privately and authentically share and react to each other’s BeReal, share a unique BeReal to stay connected with their close friends🫂, or just have a conversation and react using a RealMoji. 

As always, we’re starting things off with a test 📝. From there we’ll shake things up and begin challenging the norms of communication – the BeReal way⚠️.  

Here’s how it works (for now 👀):

  • Messaging friends:
    Users will be able to chat 1:1 with people they’re connected with – you can’t message anyone who hasn’t accepted your friend request 🙅.
  • Send BeReal privately:
    People can send as many BeReal privately ⚔️to their friends as they want and even have conversations just using BeReal.
  • React with RealMoji:
    RealMoji can be used as replies to any part of a conversation including BeReal or messages 😍.
  • Deleting messages :
    Messages will not disappear automatically. You can delete an individual message or an entire conversation. This will only delete the message or conversation for you, not the other person’s copy. Remember, there’s no undo for what you write so…think before you click .
    If both people in a conversation delete the message or entire conversation, then it will be deleted entirely from our systems unless we’re required to retain it for legal reasons. It can take up to 30 days for the data to roll off our systems once users delete the conversations but during that period the data is irretrievable 🔐.
  • Blocking a user:
    At launch, people will be able to block people from sending them messages if they don’t want to see them 🙅🏾‍ .
  • Reporting a message:
    Users will be able to report messages/conversations to our team to review and take action against 🛎️. When we become aware of a violation of our Community Standards, we’ll take swift action, including suspending users if needed 🚨.

Safety and privacy is important to us and we’ll always communicate the decisions we make around these topics 🗣️. When messaging services are encrypted they can be used by bad actors trying to exploit or share things that are not positive or maybe even illegal. With that in mind, we made the decision to not encrypt RealChat so we can better preserve the safety and experience of users on BeReal ✅.

We’ll test RealChat in some countries and we’ll roll out gradually from there! What we’re most looking forward to is hearing from you, our authentic community 🫂. We’d love to hear what you think about RealChat and any other updates we’re making. You can always message us at [email protected] or through the app: 

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu in the top right. 
  3. Tap “Help” and then “Contact us”.

Keep it Real,
BeReal Crew