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Last Updated: April 25, 2023

Welcome to BeReal! 

Your friends for real is our mission. We want to build services and technologies that allow you to live your real life and share that reality with your real friends. 

To help that happen, we want to be extra clear about what it means to be part of the BeReal community. We want you to know what you can expect from us, what we expect from you, and how together we can make BeReal better for you and your friends.

To do that we created these Terms of Service (“Terms”), our Privacy Policy, and Community Standards (together the “User Agreement”). Throughout the User Agreement some words have specific meanings and they should be interpreted the same way wherever they are used. If anything is unclear, or you don’t understand what we’re saying – don’t hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to maximize transparency and understanding about how BeReal works.

If you think reading all of this is hard, imagine having to write it! But we wrote it for you because it’s important for you and us. So please read it. 

If you don’t want to read or agree to the User Agreement then don’t use our Services but if you use our Services understand that you are agreeing to be bound by the User Agreement. 

1. Who can use our Services

Our Services means all aspects of the BeReal mobile applications, our website and the software and systems powering the applications and our website.

ChatGPT is cool but our Services are not to be used by AI or bots. To use our Services you must be a REAL human (because feelings matter):

All references to “you” and “your” in the User Agreement will mean both you, the end user and/or for accounts created on behalf of another person, company, organization, government or other legal entity, the person who has legal authority to create and/or operate the account. 

2. Data Protection and Privacy

Our Privacy Policy describes what information you share with us, when it is shared, and how we handle it when you use our Services. By using our Services you understand and consent that we must collect, use, store, process, share, and transfer this information to countries where we operate our Services and to partners who help us provide our Services.   

3. Content

No one likes people who steal Content or people who disrespect others. Don’t be that person. Be authentic. Be kind. Be respectful. Be you. BeReal. 

Content means profile photos, photos, videos, RealMojis, emojis, captions, comments, or messages, shared through our Services.

You are responsible for the Content you share through our Services including ensuring that you have the right to use the Content, and that it complies with laws, rules, regulations and the User Agreement.

If you share Content that you do not have the right to use or that violates laws, rules, regulations or the User Agreement, we have the right to remove it and we will remove it. No complaints. 

We do not tolerate harassment, intimidation, defamation, threats, hateful content, child sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, promotion of suicide or self harm, intellectual property theft, or other illegal activities. For detailed information see our Community Standards, which are part of the User Agreement. 

You own the Content you share through our Services and grant BeReal a license to use the Content under the following conditions: 

4. Reporting Violative Content 

We are not under an obligation to monitor the Content people share through our Services.  Nevertheless, we want our Services to be a place where people can have fun and express their real selves while feeling safe. Content that violates another person’s rights, or does not comply with laws, rules, regulations or the User Agreement (“Violative Content”) is prohibited. If you see Violative Content, you can report it to us through the reporting feature in the applications or by visiting the reporting form on our website.  

If you believe your Content has been copied in a way that infringes your intellectual property rights, you can report this directly in the application or by visiting our intellectual property reporting form on our website.

5. Ending our Services

We may temporarily or permanently suspend your account and prevent your use of our Services if we have determined that you have shared Violative Content or used our Services in a way that violates another person’s rights, or does not comply with laws, rules, regulations or the User Agreement.

We operate a 3 strike policy in most instances. That means if you share violative Content, we will suspend your account for 30 days, during which you will not be able to share Content or see other Content on our Services. If this happens 3 times, you’re out of here! We will permanently suspend you from our Services and prevent you from creating a new BeReal account. 

Note, certain Violative Content (e.g., Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)) will result in your immediate and permanent suspension from our Services. 

You may appeal a suspension by contacting us through our support form

To protect you, other users and our Services, we may temporarily suspend your account in the event that we detect abnormal activity which could present technical or security risks to you, other users or our Services. 

We will delete your account if it is inactive for more than 2 years. Before we do, we will let you know so that you can stop the deletion if you want.

We get it, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. You can delete your account at any time by going into the settings in your account and choosing the account deletion option.

6. License to use our Services

Our Services are protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret and other laws around the world. As tempting as it may be, nothing in the User Agreement gives you a right to use the BeReal name or any of the BeReal trademarks, logos, domain names, other distinctive brand features, and other proprietary rights. 

During the time you are using our Services, BeReal gives you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use the software provided to you as part of our Services. This license has the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy our Services in a manner consistent with the User Agreement. This license comes to an end when you stop using our Services.

BeReal is free to use any feedback, comments or suggestions you may provide regarding our Services.

7. Limitation of Liability

By using our Services you agree that BeReal, its affiliates, related companies, officers, directors, employees, agents representatives, partners and licensors, liability is limited to the maximum extent permissible in your country of residence. 

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

To the extent that these Terms allow you or BeReal to initiate litigation in a court, both you and BeReal consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts and French law. You and BeReal agree that all claims and disputes (whether contractual or otherwise), arising out of or relating to the Terms or User Agreement will be litigated exclusively in the courts of Paris, France and that such disputes will be governed by French law, unless this is prohibited by the laws of the country where you reside. 

9. General

BeReal may update the User Agreement at any time. If we make an update that impacts either parties rights or obligations, we will let you know approximately 30 days before the update goes into effect. If you keep using our services after the 30 days, you are agreeing to our updated User Agreement. If you do not want to agree, you must stop using our Services.  

In the event that any part of these Terms or User Agreement are found to be unenforceable, our lawyers will probably panic, but all of the other provisions will remain applicable. 

The User Agreement is between you and BeReal SAS, with a registered office located at 30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol 75004 Paris, FRANCE, and which is registered under number 881 079 685 with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry. 

10. Contact or Questions

Hearing from you makes us and our Services better. Whether you have a question about any part of the User Agreement, a comment or feedback about our Services, we want to hear from you. 

You can reach us by postal mail at:

BeReal SAS
30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol
75004 Paris, FRANCE

You can also submit questions through our help center here or contact us by email


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Effective from 02-08-2021 to 24-05-2023