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We’re grateful for the response to BeReal, which is keeping us very busy. We want to take a brief moment to answer some of the questions that have come up in the media and are on people’s minds.
What matters most to us is building the best product for our users.

We want for ourselves what we want for our users – not to chase fame or the spotlight or to be tethered to metrics like the number of followers or number of downloads. We don’t share our numbers, even though we see lots of rumored estimates online. In the spirit of authenticity and veracity, we’ll say to take these figures for what they are…estimates :).

Our product is what our users want to make it – whether it’s seeing what your grandparents are up to today or staying in touch with your best friends across the globe, BeReal is here to connect you to the people that matter to you.

BeReal is free to use, and we don’t have ads. You may be wondering if we’ll have ads or how we think about monetizing the app. First, we want to stick around for as long as you’ll have us, but working with brands is not our priority. There are a lot of cool things we want to build, and we’re very lucky to be able to prioritize our time this way. We assure you, once we’re ready to share information, you’ll know.

Thanks to all our users for their love, feedback, and suggestions… we’re on it.

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BeReal Team