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New Feature Drop: RealPeople is here

1st May 2023

We’re baaack… told you it was going to be a busy summer here at BeReal! 🔥

Another new feature drop is here: RealPeople

RealPeople is a curated timeline of the world’s most interesting people – from top athletes, artists, activists and everything in between. It will be an ever-changing collection of who is inspiring and intriguing us from around the world but just like you, they’ll be sharing real unfiltered glimpses into their daily lives. 

With RealPeople we want to try and eliminate society’s notion that public figures live in an alternate, filtered universe. And hey, it might surprise you to see you’re listening to the same song as your favourite media personality 🎶or have the same coffee order as the good-looking F1 Driver from the telly ☕.  We also think those posts of musicians pausing a concert when it was Time to BeReal were pretty cool (pardon the interruption, Harry 🕺🏻), and we’re not about gatekeeping here – just as long as the person is okay with sharing their BeReal widely.

Why are we launching RealPeople?

As we saw with the launch of BeReal, people were excited to share and see an authentic glimpse of the daily lives of their closest friends instead of the filtered view we normally show online. We’re continuing to learn a lot about how people use BeReal and how we hope we can have a positive impact on society. RealPeople is our next step in trying to help bring out all of the things we enjoy about a connected human experience. 

Why call it RealPeople?

We believe we’re all just people. We’re all equal – all equally interesting and boring! RealPeople will showcase the here and now no matter who you are. That means we expect – and want – it to have people you know and don’t. We hope it will show that it’s okay to BeReal no matter who you are – in fact we think it’s who we each are that makes us all RealPeople.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about what RealPeople is not. RealPeople isn’t about influencing, amassing likes or comments, or promoting brands. You won’t see perfect photoshopped pictures, product recommendations, or ads disguised as posts. It’s trying to show we’re all more alike than we think. 

To access RealPeople you simply go to the Discovery tab, select RealPeople, and enjoy! At launch you’ll be able to interact with posts in the RealPeople timeline the following ways (more to come):

As always, we’re going to test this out – we’re starting in the UK (for now!) where we expect it to take a couple of days for the RealPeople feed to fully populate so remember to keep checking back in – with the rest of the world coming very soon. We’re having fun with new features and concepts right now and we’ll keep making changes as we learn from you all. That’s why we appreciate all the feedback you can provide to make BeReal even better, including suggestions for who you think is interesting or intriguing 💪. If you would like to recommend anyone for RealPeople, or you think you have a great story to show the world, let us know here!

BeReal Crew

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