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Four Features of the Holidays!

12th December 2023

It’s the holiday season and at BeReal, we love getting festive! Nothing makes us feel more like celebrating than sharing new features with our community! 🥳

After many weeks months of developing and experimenting and polishing – we are happy to bring you not one….

                       not two….

                                       not three…but…


Behind The Scenes, RealGroups, Tagging, and Your 2023 Recap

They will all be available before the end of the year, with some ready for you to try out right now! 

So let’s get into the deets: 

BTS (Behind The Scenes) 🎥 BTS adds a twist to your BeReal allowing your friends to see and hear what’s really going on around you. It captures the seconds before you take your BeReal and creates a video that plays when your friends sees your BeReal in their timeline and long presses on it. It lets us share, see, and hear more of what’s going on in our and our friend’s lives. But why is this feature so exciting? It’s one of the MOST community-requested features and we wanted to build something that felt a little different from the traditional video experience! We’re really excited that you’ll have it in time to create and share memories with your friends and family during the holidays. 

The fine print: You can turn BTS on or off depending on how much you want to share. Available on iOS today and Android next week! Want to learn more? Read the Help Center article here

RealGroups 🫶 BeReal is all about keeping you connected with your closest friends. But what about your besties, the ones that you share your highs and lows with before anyone else? That’s where RealGroups – our take on chat – comes in! Planning holiday celebrations with your family? Start a RealGroup with them and you can share BeReal and fun before, during, and after! Memories are created and shared for a lifetime. Have a brunch club who loves food as much as you do? Start a RealGroup to talk about the hottest locations, share pictures of yummy foods you’re eating and the moments you have together! Going away to college and missing your closest friends back home? Create a RealGroup to stay close, share your dorm-life adventure, see what’s going on back home, and stay close no matter how far away you are!!

But, here’s the BeReal twist! You can only have two RealGroups. 🫣 So who makes it into your RealGroups?

When you create an invite-only RealGroup you get a bunch of special ways to connect including:

The fine print: This one is coming out next week for ALL users! 

Tagging 🏷️ Tried this yet? Clever you 😏 Tag your friends in your BeReal. Nice and simple. So easy to use, we bet you’ll think it was there all along! Also – you can repost content you are tagged in, sharing it with your friends, even if you weren’t on time. 🔁 

Your 2023 Recap 🗓 It’s the end of the year and our lives have been fun and messy and exciting and sleepy and hilarious and sad and all the things that make up a year. So much can happen in 365 days so let’s celebrate it! Your 2023 Recap is a custom experience for you that you can even record and share anywhere you want with the hashtag #BeRealRewind – including your BeReal profile.  We have spent some time polishing and making this even better from previous versions. We think you will really like all the updates!  

The fine print: It’s not out until next week! *Cue the excitement 🤪*


So there you have it – a whole lot of new features that we are excited to finally get in your hands.  As we have said before, we are a work in progress, so as we continue to this tweak there may be some bugs and will definitely be some improvements. Know that our ears are always open for feedback or concerns so feel free to share them here: 

Happy Holidays everyone 🌟 We’re grateful to have you along for this ride and thank you for sharing yourselves and being the RealestPeople all year! We can’t wait for you to see what is coming next year! 

The BeReal Crew

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