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Your Favorite Celebs and Brands Are Coming to BeReal – Announcing RealPeople and RealBrands

24th January 2024

And we’re back! 🎉 Happy New Year! 

Over the holidays the BeReal team has been hard at work on new features so that we can kick 2024 off with a bang! 

Today, we’re excited to officially announce the global launch of: RealPeople and RealBrands (aka official accounts)

You might remember we did some tests of RealPeople, which was a separate feed tested in select markets, and was an opportunity for notable people (think actors, athletes, and musicians) to keep it real and share behind the scenes moments to give you, their community, a glimpse of their lives when they aren’t on the world stage. Unfiltered, unedited, unscripted moments. 

Here’s what we learned: 

We took what you liked from the test and built on top of it to create RealPeople and RealBrands. 

Launching February 6th, official accounts will allow you to add some of your favorite celebrities and brands to your BeReal experience, and see who they are outside of the spotlight 👀. These figures will create BeReal accounts and share content that you can engage with in unique ways by becoming a RealFan of that person or brand You’ll also be able to tag them in your BeReal so they can see and even re-share your BeReal!

We know what you’re thinking… “how does something like this fit in with BeReal’s mission?” 🤔 

Our mission is to create a more authentic world and keep you connected with the people you really care about. We believe that by showing that notable people and brands are actually people just like us – equally boring and interesting at different times – we help reset and improve some of the negativity that has come from modern social platforms.  People want to see more of the faces behind the filters, the people behind the brands, and the chaotic moments that make life so human. Official Account holders will have to post on time, just like everyone else…no filters…just spur of the moment authentic BeReal.

For those of you concerned that this is changing our focus, we can assure you that BeReal will always be about friends and close connections first. We’re made for that. It’s what makes BeReal special and we’ll always make that our priority. You’ll see that in how Official Accounts show up on BeReal too but we believe by launching this feature we’re helping to make the world a little more authentic. 

You’re probably also wondering, “ok – who is going to be part of this big launch?”

You’ll have to wait and see on February 6th 😉. On that day, you’ll see a lot of cool people and brands to add (including yours truly, @BeReal). 

Today, applications are officially open for RealBrand and RealPeople accounts. You can find the application form directly from your timeline in the app. We’ll be upfront and say not everyone will get an account. We still encourage you to throw your hat in the ring!

We’ll be continuously adding people and brands from February 6 on. In the meantime,  we would love to hear who you would like to see as an Official Account on BeReal? Is there some person or brand who you have always been curious about? Let us know through the survey that we’re also launching today and that you’ll find directly from your timeline in the app. 



Get ready to start seeing the real lives of your favorite actors, athletes, musicians, brands and more on February 6th 😎. We can’t wait to hear what you think. If you have feedback or questions feel free to share them here: 

Thanks everyone and welcome to 2024. This year is going to be great 🎉 . 

Keep it Real, 

BeReal Team

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