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BeReal Crew here, we thought it was time to check in…

If you’re reading this, you’re on our new company blog, ✨Announcement ✨. Our goal is to use Announcement to share information directly so everyone knows what’s really going on at BeReal.

We’ve been quiet because we’re more into doing than talking. And we’ve been busy! But it means people have been guessing about what we’ve been up to and how things are going, and not always accurately…time to set the record straight.

We’re continuing to grow – BeReal has over 20 million daily active users around the world 😎.

2022 was focused on the stability of our service. The unique nature of how BeReal works means we had to overcome significant technical challenges to keep the service working. This, and the rate of people wanting to join BeReal globally, is something we’ll be forever grateful for. It also made each a bigger opportunity for us to learn from. Where many have failed before us – their services literally died as a result of trying to scale – our small but mighty team kept us up and running as we experienced the world dropping everything when it was ⚠️ Time to BeReal. ⚠️

At the same time, we have been hiring the best (we’re >50 and growing!) talent from across the globe to ideate and build new features for our amazing users. We’ve already rolled out features like Memories and a cool Audio integration – summer 2023 is going to be exciting 🔥.

To deliver exciting features we believe we must consistently challenge our assumptions about how we work and how our product works. Like our approach to real-life, we’ll always question, tweak, change, and update BeReal and we will never pretend to be perfect.

No matter what we do, authenticity will remain one of our guiding principles to ensure that what we share with our closest friends will keep it real.

We know communicating with our users is really important. But the world should know that how we communicate will be different…

Using BeReal won’t make you famous. It’s the same for working at BeReal. We are a group of really inquisitive people who challenge each other. We value humility, freedom, and equality in all its forms. These values make BeReal what it is and apply to our work externally and internally.

That’s why we don’t believe one voice or public figure should represent all that BeReal is. It generates poor incentives and feeds into the same types of societal norms and rules that BeReal is a response to. It creates and feeds egos and won’t help us do our best work. Each person at BeReal plays an equally important role in BeReal’s story, so you won’t see one person doing interviews or speaking for BeReal.

But…humans are naturally curious 🧐. We know there’ll be questions! And, we welcome them. We’ll be happy to answer questions, but irrespective of who answers questions, we’ll require that it always be reported as just from and on behalf of the BeReal Crew, not a single individual :).

Don’t be shy, reach out!

More to come from us soon, in the meantime… go enjoy life and don’t forget to keep it real.

The BeReal Crew