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Get to Times Square @5:45pm

We’re announcing the winner of the Realest Person on Earth on a bunch of billboards in Times Square, New York City on Thursday 30th November.

To celebrate, we’ll send $500 to 10 people who post a BeReal of our billboards in Times Square, and share it on either X (Twitter) with #RealestPersonOnEarth or on IG stories with @RealestPersonOnEarth

BeReal will reach out to the winners directly, from the official BeReal instagram (@BeReal) or twitter (BeReal_app) account.

BeReal staff will be on hand at Times Square distributing exclusive BeReal items.

How do I win $500?

Capture the reality and authenticity of this moment and share it on X with #RealestPersonOnEarth or IG Stories and @RealestPersonOnEarth . Our billboards will be up for 30 mins – so you have until 6:15pm to take your BeReal! We will review all of the tagged content and pick the ten most realistic and authentic posts!

Where are the BeReal billboards in Times Square?

You will see the BeReal billboards in 2 locations:

  1. In front of the steps in Father Duffy Square on 7th Ave &, W 47th St, New York, NY 10036
  2. Above the McDonalds on 51st & Broadway, New York, NY 10019

How do I get to Times Square?

  • 49 St Station: This station is very close to Times Square, being only about 52 feet away.
  • 50 St Station on the 1 Line: Located several blocks north of Times Square, this station is part of the local 1 train route, which connects to Penn Station via the Times Square–42 Street station.
  • Times Square–42nd Street and 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal Stations
  • Times Sq-42 St Station: This station is accessible for the N, R, W, A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, and 7 lines.
  • 50 St Station on the C and E Lines: Located at W 50 St and Broadway, this station is another close option for accessing Times Square.

See you there!